Reaching the Teaching in the Name  of Jesus Christ

Nathanael Project

The Nathanael Project is a mission and calling of Bible teachers, Dave Anderson and Tim Burns, to train overseas pastors (who are often trained by television programming) to effectively teach God's Word. You can read a project summary below but we encourage you to visit and prayerfully or financially support via the project's website at Financial donations by our Christian brothers and sisters in the US help the Nathanael Project provide a much needed service to overseas pastors free of charge.

Nathanael Project Summary

Nathanael Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Christian entity founded in Texas by Dave Anderson. It's mission is for "Reaching the Teaching" in the name of Jesus Christ. With a combined 20 years of overseas missions experience and after spending the last 4 years teaching other pastors specifically, Pastors Dave Anderson and Tim Burns sought to find a way to train and support pastors already ministering to flocks overseas. It is their belief that the Nathanael Project's unique approach, curriculum, and method of use will be able to accomplish the mission to "train the trainers" in both a prolific and cost effective fashion.

Get to know more about what makes us different.

The Three-Pronged Approach of Nathanael Project is as follows: 

Step 1: Partnership Nathanael Project seeks to partner with US or overseas pastors groups or movements already established aeound the globe. These "key" contacts will be given the Nathanael Project materials to implemet in the places where God is already using them.  
In Cambodia, where our first work began in the fall of 2014, we originally partnered with MKK 2021, a group devoted to placing a church in every village of Cambodia by 2021. We were tasked with providing a three year course of curriculum and an implementation plan for that group. Our goal was to assist and support the work there with short, yearly visits and materials, otherwise leaving the continuing work with the Pastors in Cambodia, and God's Holy Spirit.
The initial work was well received and has grown beyond that original contact.  We have trained leaders and provieded materials  for a total of 600 pastors and leaders in 5 provinces thus far.
The Cambodia work has led to open doors in 5 other countries (India, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Viet Nam, and El Salvador).  We are hoping to see the ministry support grow to the point that we are able to follow this venture of faith into those regions.

Step 2: Preparation Nathanael Project seeks to utilize the gifts of many pastors in America from all denominations to produce a curriculum which will then be translated into necessary languages and distributed to pastors through our key contcta.  In Cambodia we have secured a team of translators in Phnom Penh to translate the teachings into Khmer.  Thos trnslated materials will eventually be distributed to a total of 3,000 pastors and leaders throughout Cambodia's  25 provinces.
So, the two key elements in this preparation step are contributing pastors and overseas translators.

Step 3: Implementation Perhaps the most exciting step of the work is the Implementation step. This step is tailored to fit the needs of the area where the program is being utilized. The key contacts and pastors who oversea the work will be able to implement the program however they see fit.
 EXAMPLE: Nathanael Project takes a two-team approach to our missions trips in Cambodia.  We currently visit two Provinces every 6 months, and will do so until we have covered the country. These teams thus far have been made up of volunteers from any number of backgrounds and churches, and a few pastor-teachers as well. The training team will spend the majority of their time encouraging, equip[ping, and training a group of pastors and leaders on the materials and Inductive Bible Study at a central location. Simultaneously the outreach team will perform some sort of community projects or outreaches within the Province. These projects are coordinated by an in country team of Christians workers and missionaries we have come to know.  

What Makes Nathanael Project Different?  Well, Nathanael Project is word-based technology driven, pastoral training that incorporates the best of all current training models into one cohesive program. We intend to eventually provide a standardized curriculum contained on 300 hours of video in the pastors' native language, workbooks printed in their native language, including tests to evaluate progress.

Far from being a strictly training program, we seek to also develop community relationships with our program, requiring the 20 pastors we train to gather with 5 pastors from the villages close to them to go through the materials together. We seek to have this process replicated over and over again. Our hope is to provide materials to pastors again and again as their flocks and relationships grow.
Truly there is more to this program than can be explained in a brief About-Us statement. But, Pastor Tim and I would love to hear from you. You can contact us at or

We are looking forward to hearing from you and partnering with you to reach our brothers overseas.
In Him,
Dave Anderson, President Nathanael Project
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